Friday, March 23, 2012

ASJO - Ann-Sofi Söderqvists Jazz Orchestra

I've been doing some stuff for conductor and composer Ann-Sofi Söderqvist lately, the cd cover for her new album Point of View. The music is really exiting with some the best musicians in Sweden.

Here is a 3d sample of the cd cover. It is very faint color. Thats what I saw in my head when listenig to the music. White, bright, and snowy .And I remembered that I had an image of a field, located just a a few hundreed feet away from my home., with one of my favourite trees, with just that setting.

And here is Ann-Sofi, placed in the surroundings of Versaille.

Here are almost all musicians, at the Sverigers Radio ( Swedish Radio ) recording studios.

And this is from the cd cover, where I used images taken over time at rehearsals and live gigs.

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