Thursday, October 20, 2011

Behind The Scenes - Chambre Separee

When Fredrik Hedlund from o8STUDIO
was about to do a shoot at Chambre Separee with 7 models and hair dressers and make up artists, it was hard not to go there and have a look at the adventure and also to take some BTS shots.

Among the models was the elegant, now 78-year old legend, Birgitta Stubbing ( above ), who's been around in the business since the early sixties. ( no facelift ).

Roger Morgan did the hair. He was fascinating to watch. He is a legend here in Sweden. He made the most amzing things grow out of the heads of he models. On all seven.

Här hela ensemblen nästan.

There is always time for a self portrait.

Här ges den sista touchen på Birgitta Stubbings hår.

This was a fun event to attend.

Models Olivia Portnoff-Klatzkow - Sindra Trolle - Jessle C - Sue Chintu - Cecilia Nordlund - Petronella von Wowern - Birgitta Stubbing MUA Sara Floby Madeleine Oxalaryd Clothes Sandra Näsström Hair Roger Morgan Behind the scenesphotographer Per Pelle Piano

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