Thursday, October 20, 2011

Behind The Scenes - Chambre Separee

When Fredrik Hedlund from o8STUDIO
was about to do a shoot at Chambre Separee with 7 models and hair dressers and make up artists, it was hard not to go there and have a look at the adventure and also to take some BTS shots.

Among the models was the elegant, now 78-year old legend, Birgitta Stubbing ( above ), who's been around in the business since the early sixties. ( no facelift ).

Roger Morgan did the hair. He was fascinating to watch. He is a legend here in Sweden. He made the most amzing things grow out of the heads of he models. On all seven.

Här hela ensemblen nästan.

There is always time for a self portrait.

Här ges den sista touchen på Birgitta Stubbings hår.

This was a fun event to attend.

Models Olivia Portnoff-Klatzkow - Sindra Trolle - Jessle C - Sue Chintu - Cecilia Nordlund - Petronella von Wowern - Birgitta Stubbing MUA Sara Floby Madeleine Oxalaryd Clothes Sandra Näsström Hair Roger Morgan Behind the scenesphotographer Per Pelle Piano

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Release party for Paradiso Musicale.

The baroque ensemble Paradiso Musicale released their first album yesterday. And also gave a rare concert.

They are all veterans in their respective field, and have a peculiar teste in clothing =) ( as the last image shows ).

Above is the image used for the cover of the cd ( with a dinner in hiding ).

... and then the back side image ...

Henrik Frendin, who was shot later, also had some other images taken. Among them this one. Background from a church near the famous Notre Dame in Paris.

And here is an image from the stage yesterday. Today they started a small tour.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Emelie in Paris ...

Emelie and I made a nother session, this time in my home studio. I am still retouching but here are some images that are already done.