Monday, April 4, 2011

Some images of Hannes Råstam ...

Hannes Råstam is a rather well known reporter here in Sweden, ut he started out as a bass player. I first met him in 1986, when we both played with Rolf Wikström, a Swedish blues artist. We toured together for many years, al around Scandinavia. After many years he left the band to study to be a journalist.

I haven t seen him in many many years so it was a joy to suddenly find him on my doorstep. While talking about past and present, and serving lots of coffee and chocolates I was hoping to get some portraits of him. My apartement has one room, and the bluescreen was already up, so my intentions probably was quite clear =).

And we did a photo session. I am retouching some of them now. Here are three that are done so far. More coming later.

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