Monday, March 21, 2011

Six hypnotists ...

... came knocking on my door, and wanted their picture taken. Well, not really. But Ulf Sandström ( Jump4Joy etc ) who is a certified hypnotist, has teamed up with five other hypnotists to form the International Hypnotists Guild, and among them, the rather famous Fredrik Praesto. They neede some portraits and a group image for their new website.

Its hard to gather that many busy people at the same time so we had to do it in three sessions, and then put them all together in post, for the group image.

Something I think is hard, is to decide what kind of lighting to use, as you are stuck with it, forever. I am a Gemini, the ambivalence personified =), but finally decided to do it with two different lighting setups. For the portraits, something rather general , like a soft light from a room divider with some sheet on it. For the group shot I thought something a little more dramatic would suit, like a simulated backlight from a window. I could jot help myself and took some really shallow dof images too, of some of them.

Cropped portrait of Alexander.

Whole portrait of Daniel

Pia with a really shallow dof.

Simulation of large format camera.

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