Monday, January 3, 2011

Camilla - very pregnant

Camilla, at the moment very pregnant indeed, called to check if I wanted to shoot some maternity images. As I have never done that I said yes instantly.

Camilla and I have been shootng some glamourstyle images previously, so I though it could look funny with a babydoll-night gown, high heels and the right brand of the cradle.

Sen fick jag en konstig bild i huvudet där barnet tittar ut med ett periskop, och kanske läser lite i dagen tidning.
I got a strange look in my head of the baby, looking out of mummys tummy with a periscope, checking out the news in the paper =)

And of course, you have to start very early to influence the future kid's taste in music. So with some big earphones around the belly and Spotify on the iPhone, there will be some groovin and dancing inside.

heres a rather normal pregnant shot.

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