Friday, December 30, 2011

Grazyna in Hollywood

My old alter ego, mr Lutz ( ) This time I had a visit from Grazyna and MUA Ljudmila Zulfiyeva. As usual I used my old cheap china strobes.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Split visions and body ..

I was having a cup of coffee with my friend Orthae ( a fakir, sword swallower and photographer and .... ). The lower end of his body suddenly got upset and refused to participate in any further coordinated movements.

With our combined efforts, we could make him whole again though.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Some baroque images with Lorena ...

I had a and photoshop meeting with lorena and we also took some images. I wanted some more baroque looking images, but we did not have any makeup, so I had to add that in post. A wig and a dress,was found though, in my closet.

We also did a glamour portrait.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Amina and backdrops ...

Amina and have shot some sessions for a project I have. I always end up with some additional images, that were made to test something, like some of these, where I experiment with different backdrops in post. I have also tried, for the first time =), to shoot with real backdrops. I am trying to make them myself, to look old and nice, nut it is a ot harder ( at least for me ) than I thought.

Here are some mixed images with Amina.

... and here is a strange one =) ...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Helena - Baroque style ...

For this session I had a baroque feel combined with the uniqueness of Helena in mind. Backgrounds taken at the castle of Versaille.

Many fruits in the air..

I got to be in one of the images too.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Behind The Scenes - Chambre Separee

When Fredrik Hedlund from o8STUDIO
was about to do a shoot at Chambre Separee with 7 models and hair dressers and make up artists, it was hard not to go there and have a look at the adventure and also to take some BTS shots.

Among the models was the elegant, now 78-year old legend, Birgitta Stubbing ( above ), who's been around in the business since the early sixties. ( no facelift ).

Roger Morgan did the hair. He was fascinating to watch. He is a legend here in Sweden. He made the most amzing things grow out of the heads of he models. On all seven.

Här hela ensemblen nästan.

There is always time for a self portrait.

Här ges den sista touchen på Birgitta Stubbings hår.

This was a fun event to attend.

Models Olivia Portnoff-Klatzkow - Sindra Trolle - Jessle C - Sue Chintu - Cecilia Nordlund - Petronella von Wowern - Birgitta Stubbing MUA Sara Floby Madeleine Oxalaryd Clothes Sandra Näsström Hair Roger Morgan Behind the scenesphotographer Per Pelle Piano

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Release party for Paradiso Musicale.

The baroque ensemble Paradiso Musicale released their first album yesterday. And also gave a rare concert.

They are all veterans in their respective field, and have a peculiar teste in clothing =) ( as the last image shows ).

Above is the image used for the cover of the cd ( with a dinner in hiding ).

... and then the back side image ...

Henrik Frendin, who was shot later, also had some other images taken. Among them this one. Background from a church near the famous Notre Dame in Paris.

And here is an image from the stage yesterday. Today they started a small tour.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Emelie in Paris ...

Emelie and I made a nother session, this time in my home studio. I am still retouching but here are some images that are already done.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Emelie on location at Riddarholmen ...

Its not that opften I shoot on location,but this day I was going to meet up with fellow camera owner Fredrik Hedlund, and some models ( Sindra and Emelie ) atl Riddarholmen, close to Old Town here in Stockholm. Mostly to do a Behind The Scenes Panorama, I like to do those ( this one can be seen at PANORAMA BTS

I immediately liked the look of Emelie, who has the rescemblence of Nosferatu, Goth and Fashion at the same time =)
So up with the Sigma 500 Super flashgun and a transparent umbrella and shoot away.

Here I remount Emelies head, that fell of, during an intricate pose.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


... is the well sounding name of a fantastic keyboard player. She plays in the classical group, Paradiso Musicale with her husband Dan Laurin, among other groups. I have shot them before, both separately and as a group.

This time Anna needed some publicity shots. I thought that the castle of Versaille could be a suitable surrounding for her.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Another short trip, long time over due ...

Two years ago ( May 2009 ) I was in London for three days, and shot some images. Since then I have been longing to go to Paris as they have so many landmarks, and famous places. So now I have been there for 3 days. The things to shoot never ends. Amazing. I have to revisit real soon.

I got me a Visité card, so I could grab any train,or bus i n any zone at any time, which was a blessing, as there were many travels with the Metro for instance ( I constantly went in the wrong directions =) ).

Here are some images from some different angles.

And here is a 360x180 PANORAMA

Two versions in Flash format. FLASH Second Floor

Flash from the ground

Friday, July 29, 2011

Goodbye Tannemyr Gallery ...

I thought that Peppe, who changed his office into a gallery of his own art, during two summer months, should have a nice image to remember the short term gallery by. I imagined Peppe floating around the room with his art and have guitars all around like the gravity had no impact on them. Click on above image for a larger version.

I also took the opportunity to make a QuickToime panorama. PANORAMA

And of course a portrait of Peppe. This time like he usually looks. A long way from the water combed version on the poster in the previous post. =)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

True Temperament, Exhibition and Art ...

Peppe Tannemyr is an old friend of mine, since the mid 80s. He is a very allround guy, doing everything from the video backdrop projections on the Eurovision Song Contests to making guitar artwork. ( Above is one of the strange posters we did for his exhibition ).
He has an exhibition , this Thursday and Friday at the Tannemyr gallery, Liljeholmsvägen 7, Liljeholmen, Stockholm. On display are his guitar artwork, printed and hand painted on metal, each one with an accompaning guitar, Les Paul and Telecasters.
These guitars are also printed and painted. To top it off, they are fretted with the TT frets ( True Temperament ) by Anders Thidell ( TT SITE ), for perfect intonation.

Here is Anders. The inventor of TT.


Here one can see the strange look of one of the frets. great DOF on this one.

I have a guest exhibition at the gallery, with my "Hollywood" shots.