Friday, October 8, 2010

Johanna thru the ages ...

Johanna Halle , Ebba Fromell( MUA ) and I met to take some images. We were going for a couple of different looks, from 40's to 60's.

We start at the makeup ( above ). I made my home "studio" a little bigger in Photoshop =) ( 12 square meters is not big ).

Below is Johanna at the trainstation, like from an old movie from the 40s.

This was meant to be a 50s like photo, but got to be something different .. or, i dont know ... it looks rather nice anyways.

The image below has more characteristics of the 50s, with the clothes. The background is from a vacation I had in Chania, Crete.

This one is taken with my bathroom window as a backdrop. It provides nice light, overexposing most things.

Here is a "painting " made in Photoshop. I like "paintings".

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