Monday, August 23, 2010

Lorena and the new baby ....

I have shot Lorena a couple of times before, she is one pretty lady. Now she has given birth to her second child, that she brought to the shoot as she had no babysitter. Turns out we just shot a lot of baby images =), with the little one, that is 1 and a half months old, but with a strong grip with his tiny hands. Here are some of the images.

here I imagined waht it would be like if Lorena had given birth to sextuplets

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Unpublished things ....

Havent got so much new things to show at the moment. So I dug into the archives to find some unused material.

Here is Amina with a falcon, for instance. I think it was a test to do a fairytale theme, or to convert to a painting, like below.

here is another with Amina.

This is Angy in the desert. ....

Here is Linda Marie from the Jessica Rabbit session, sort of at home with Jessica.

Below was a test to do a silhuoette, with Hensrik frendin. I shot his wedding a couple of years ago.Should be in the archive.

Johanna Halle with an old studio background.

... and as a stamp .

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jenny, and a car ...

Jenny and I went on the road for a couple of hours. She has a drivers license AND a car. I have tickets for the subway, thats all. We took a chance and just went, and stopped at two locations we found. Jennys boyfriend, who probably could trip a car with his leg, was kind enough to hold the stand with the flash and umbrella, that would have been flying like a kite if he had not been there.

A year ago I shot Jenny on similar locations but then we forgot to do the "legs in the trunk" image ( or model transport ). We did have a go at it this time though.Here are some more images from the shoot.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The original IDLA girl ....

The IDLA girls was a famous gymnastics group in the 40s and 50s here in Sweden, using coreographed movements with balls. One of the original memebers was Agneta Sandstrom.

And now she was here, in my small home studio, looking just great, so I naturally asked to take her portrait. I asked her to give me a hard look, like an actor from the 40s publicity shot or something, which she did, with honors. See below.