Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Emelie at night ...

Emelie and I were supposed to shoot at a small beach I found on Google maps, rather secluded. However, we were late, the GPS did not find the spot we were looking for and the sun went on holiday, and when we were one mile from the small beach, the road was closed =). So what to do? We figured that the exact spot we were located at, had to do. There was water and a little "pier" and a boat, of plastic, but a boat. AND, we had a nice car that we could use too. Unfortunately my car lighting skills are somewhat lacking, but I tried the best I could at the moment, running around the car flashing like a maniac.

So here are some images from my first session with Emelie.

Here is a virtual coffee table with some of the images, made in a 3d software.

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