Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stockholm Pride Festival song shoot ...

Anki Bagger and Peter Magnusson are the artists for this years official Stockholm Pride Festival Song. They came to my tiny little home studio for some portraits and the cover of the single. I went to my 3d software and made some stylistic canons that shoots heartshaped canon balls in the color of the rainbow =) Below is another angle with Anki and Peter composited.

Here are the two portraits.

I also tried to do some "paintings" on the portraits.

And heres a closeup. ...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Emelie at night ...

Emelie and I were supposed to shoot at a small beach I found on Google maps, rather secluded. However, we were late, the GPS did not find the spot we were looking for and the sun went on holiday, and when we were one mile from the small beach, the road was closed =). So what to do? We figured that the exact spot we were located at, had to do. There was water and a little "pier" and a boat, of plastic, but a boat. AND, we had a nice car that we could use too. Unfortunately my car lighting skills are somewhat lacking, but I tried the best I could at the moment, running around the car flashing like a maniac.

So here are some images from my first session with Emelie.

Here is a virtual coffee table with some of the images, made in a 3d software.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Portrait of Hans Caldaras

Hans is a Swedish singer and I have known him since the early 90s or so. Initially I wrote some music for him, when I was a kind of musician. Later I built his website ( its quite old now ) and now we dicided to take some images, in the warm summer weather, as I am eager to test my new cheap china strobe with a battery pack. Its not that powerful, about 200ws and the battery looks like a toy =). I like cheap. So I used the strobe with a transparent umbrella, with a 50 mm plastic thing for my 40d and a Sigma 10-20 for the wider images ( on a 350d ).

Here is a strange image made of doodles from leonardo Da Vinci =)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Mirja, and some nude dogs ...

... the dogs are Chinese Nude Dogs, and are actually just one, multiplied.

Below is the outside of the Drottningholm Theatre. They dont let you shoot inside unfortunately but ...

... you could take images thru the window, so below is a image taken thru the best window.

Here is one is from City Hall.

The background for this was shot here in Hökarängen. The nice fence divides two suburbs here. The deer was borrowed from

Mirja och några nakna hundar ...

... fast hundran är egentligen bara en, multiplicerad och det är mer rasen som är naken ( kinesiska nakenhundar )

Nedan är Drottningholms Teater. Man får inte fota därinne tyvärr, men ....

... man kunde ta bilder genom ett fönster =)

Här en från stadshuset..

Bakgrunden nedan är härifrån Hökarängen. Det tjusiga stängslet delar Gubbängen och Hökarängen, och ser gammalt och gärdsgårdsaktigt ut. Rådjuret är hämtat från

Friday, July 2, 2010

Sandra, in and out of the studio

Sandra came by to test some things, and we shot both outside, at a meadow very near my apartement, and some "normal" bluscreen shots.

We did not have the proper makeup or hairstyles for a 40s shoot but we tried a portrait in that vein anyways.

Heres a image where I try to capture multiple Sandras so I had to be cloned to b keep up =)

Here is a "painted" portrait.