Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ulla Winblad - Watercolor artist,film extra and allotment garden owner

Ulla has a small allotment garden ( had to look that up in a dictionary =) ) here in Hökarängen, and she grows a number of things and I am clueless to what they may be. I can only see that its a small 10x10 meters beautiful garden with a very tiny porch ( no house ). She offered some coffee and lit a cigarette, and I could smell the sweet smoke, making old memories of smokefilled lungs come to life again. I quit 2 years ago and havent smoked since. Oh those morning cigarettes when I almost fainted of nicotin shock. Those were the days. Lucky for me I got real cheap, and managed to quit realising I could get new cameras and lenses for the cigarette money.

Anyways, this was the first time this year I took the small camera flashes out for a spin. Ulla became the first victim of the Sigma 500 Super and the transparent umbrella.

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