Friday, February 12, 2010

Pictures of Images of Johanna ...

From Tales of the Pixel

Johanna made a visit while being in Stockholm for a coupe of days. As usual we had no real plans but I was eager to test some things with natural light. It was a long time ago since I used the bathub with foam so we took a lot of images with the small window as the only lightsource. Had to go up to ISO 800 to get a decent exposure.

We also tried to have one of my small Vivitar camera Flash off the camera to get some fill, but those were never used. I cranked up the exposure in ACR instead, when needed ( as Im a big fan of blown out backgrounds.

Later when I looked at the images I did not think they would stand out by themselves, or at least they did not look to original. So I decided to put them on a imaginary cafe table, like they had been looked at during a coffee break or something. Then I also had an excuse to try some things in my 3d software. Here are a couple of examples of the images.

From Tales of the Pixel


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