Thursday, February 25, 2010

Little Jenny with Band ...

Little Jenny, a multi talented singer, guitar and harmonica player, called me as her band needed a image with the band members for som gig, and fast. Moments later they all showed up at my doorstep. All of them were old musician buddies I know from the time I toured and played myself.

My homestudio is very small. To shoot with my 50mm 1.8 I have to stand in my kitchen and shoot thru the hallway into my one and only room. I also hav to aim ver carefully as there are strobes and umbrellas visible no matter how I place myself =)I got them to stand real tight for some standard group studio image like the one below and then made some individual portraits, as I eventually will make acomposite group shot. There are advantages , making a composite as you dont have to worry that someone is blinking or looking strange.

Heres the first group picture, where everyone seems to be firly normal looking.

And here is one with another background, Stockholm City Hall.

Brian Kramer , MC of the blues jams, held at pub Stampen every Saturday, is one of the groups key members. here are som individual shots of him. He also got Stockholm City Hall as a background.

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