Monday, February 1, 2010

GiG STUDIO - Panorama och images

I have done some panorama images for Conny at GiG Studios before, but after his mixing room got a nice update it was time to take a new one. SEE PANOARAMA

I think, fully expanded panoramas have their charm, as seen above and, below ( in a strange view =) ). Its not always you can see all 360 degrees at the same time.

Here is a more mellow view of the room. A couple of RAW exposures, manually blended in PS.

I use my trusty old Peleng 8mm lens for panoramas. I dont use a panoramic head though. Im more low budget. I have a small plastic "dot" I have attached to the nodal point of the lens. I can the lean the lens into a nut on a screww, attached to my tripod ( see nut thing on last image ).

here are a couple of versions of panoramic heads. ....

On top is Panosaurus and then a bent metallic plate, and the real low budget version, the one I use =)

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