Thursday, February 25, 2010

Little Jenny with Band ...

Little Jenny, a multi talented singer, guitar and harmonica player, called me as her band needed a image with the band members for som gig, and fast. Moments later they all showed up at my doorstep. All of them were old musician buddies I know from the time I toured and played myself.

My homestudio is very small. To shoot with my 50mm 1.8 I have to stand in my kitchen and shoot thru the hallway into my one and only room. I also hav to aim ver carefully as there are strobes and umbrellas visible no matter how I place myself =)I got them to stand real tight for some standard group studio image like the one below and then made some individual portraits, as I eventually will make acomposite group shot. There are advantages , making a composite as you dont have to worry that someone is blinking or looking strange.

Heres the first group picture, where everyone seems to be firly normal looking.

And here is one with another background, Stockholm City Hall.

Brian Kramer , MC of the blues jams, held at pub Stampen every Saturday, is one of the groups key members. here are som individual shots of him. He also got Stockholm City Hall as a background.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A balance act with Johanna ...

From Tales of the Pixel

I had an idea of Johanna balancing on som unusual stuff, as a DVD player and a football etc ... She did good =) I also made some images with lots of chairs but they did not look that convincing. So I ended up with these two.

From Tales of the Pixel

Friday, February 12, 2010

Pictures of Images of Johanna ...

From Tales of the Pixel

Johanna made a visit while being in Stockholm for a coupe of days. As usual we had no real plans but I was eager to test some things with natural light. It was a long time ago since I used the bathub with foam so we took a lot of images with the small window as the only lightsource. Had to go up to ISO 800 to get a decent exposure.

We also tried to have one of my small Vivitar camera Flash off the camera to get some fill, but those were never used. I cranked up the exposure in ACR instead, when needed ( as Im a big fan of blown out backgrounds.

Later when I looked at the images I did not think they would stand out by themselves, or at least they did not look to original. So I decided to put them on a imaginary cafe table, like they had been looked at during a coffee break or something. Then I also had an excuse to try some things in my 3d software. Here are a couple of examples of the images.

From Tales of the Pixel


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In the Boxing ring ...

From Tales of the Pixel

Today I followed my good friend , the fakir ( Orthae ) , he was going to the gym, not to practice but to shoot a boxing ring. That sounded great so we went to VBC on the southside of Stockholm. I have never been to a place like that, with real sandbags, so big and hard it was impossible for a little shrimp like me to even move them.

I brought my little Signa 500 Syuper flash so I told the fakir to show me his best punchdrunk pose. He did quite well I think, as you can see on above photo.

Below we are looking for nice angles. The fakir had his trusty Hasselblad with a old Phase One back.

From Tales of the Pixel

Monday, February 1, 2010

GiG STUDIO - Panorama och images

I have done some panorama images for Conny at GiG Studios before, but after his mixing room got a nice update it was time to take a new one. SEE PANOARAMA

I think, fully expanded panoramas have their charm, as seen above and, below ( in a strange view =) ). Its not always you can see all 360 degrees at the same time.

Here is a more mellow view of the room. A couple of RAW exposures, manually blended in PS.

I use my trusty old Peleng 8mm lens for panoramas. I dont use a panoramic head though. Im more low budget. I have a small plastic "dot" I have attached to the nodal point of the lens. I can the lean the lens into a nut on a screww, attached to my tripod ( see nut thing on last image ).

here are a couple of versions of panoramic heads. ....

On top is Panosaurus and then a bent metallic plate, and the real low budget version, the one I use =)