Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sister Sinister - New Session

Long time since I shot Susanna ( Sister Sinister ). She has now moved back to Stockholm after some time up in the Northern parts of Sweden. We had no plans on what to shoot so she just brought a bag of different, strange things. The result is very mixed, I'm still doing the final images, which I hope will be a small series.

Here are some of the shots. More posts to come.

There were wuite a lot of detail work as you can see on the combined layermasks, below.

As its Christmas, heres a suitable image for the season, featuring my new vaccum cleaner. More than one use for it it seems.

Below a test of whiten the face with white digital powder. She almost look a little like a geische, hence the japanese "love" sign behind her.

Något udda glasögonreklam. Susanne råkade ha mina läsglasögon på sig OCH latex ??!!, hur tänkte vi där egentligen kan man undra. Nåväl, det blev i alla fall violett, med en massa fläktande tygstycken.
Not the standard poster for eyeglasses. What were we thinkin, my reading glasses and latex? And a lot of windy fabrics. Brain meltdown maybe.

In next post there will be a cloned leather trenchcoat and maybe a tour in a art gallery.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Clockwork Studio ...

Click on image for larger version

... is a new small photostudio, started by a friend of mine ( who also is a fakir, bathing in crushed glass, sword swallowing and other unpleasant things ), and a couple of his buddies. So I have helped them buiding a website. It is almost ready.

Above is a panorama of the studio, taken with my Peleng 8mm ).

Here are some screenshots of the site ...

And here is the fakir ( Martin ) himself editing some images.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Photo shoot with Johanna ...

Got a visitor from the southern parts of Sweden the other week, Johanna Halle. I have shot here in th early summer. That time we made some stamps and stuff LINK

This time we used some fabric, as in the image above, and below, a not finished painting of Johanna, or is she coming out of the paint ?

Then, a shot in the golden room at the Stockholm Opera house.

And then a smoke break in the studio.

And last, we used a shiny silk shirt, and made her lie in a gigantic pink silky bed.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Art by Wayne D

Today we made Ann_Sofi's site public at