Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ann-Sofi Söderqvist, composer

Background from the backside of Huddinge Hospital.
Falling leaves, shot last year in my home studio.

Ann-Sofi is an arranger ond composer of modern jazz, among other styles. I've known about her for over 25 years or so, as I had the jazzclub Fasching as a favourite place for many years, where Ann- Sofi has played numerous times with big bands and smaller bands.

Well, Ann-Sofi had just realised that she lacked a website of her own. For different reasons she ended up on some of my sites, that I had done for various musicians, and she got in touch with me. I proposed a photosession as well. She hesitated, as she had seen my photo site, that contains its share of lightly dressed women =) haha.
I can relate to that.

Eventually we did a photo session, and here are some of the images we did ( the leaf image I did just for fun , its not going to be on the site, that is coming soon, I'll post the URL later ). Below are two normal portraits from the session.

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