Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ann-Sofi Söderqvist, composer

Background from the backside of Huddinge Hospital.
Falling leaves, shot last year in my home studio.

Ann-Sofi is an arranger ond composer of modern jazz, among other styles. I've known about her for over 25 years or so, as I had the jazzclub Fasching as a favourite place for many years, where Ann- Sofi has played numerous times with big bands and smaller bands.

Well, Ann-Sofi had just realised that she lacked a website of her own. For different reasons she ended up on some of my sites, that I had done for various musicians, and she got in touch with me. I proposed a photosession as well. She hesitated, as she had seen my photo site, that contains its share of lightly dressed women =) haha.
I can relate to that.

Eventually we did a photo session, and here are some of the images we did ( the leaf image I did just for fun , its not going to be on the site, that is coming soon, I'll post the URL later ). Below are two normal portraits from the session.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Anders Zorn like scenes ...

For a coming project ( it has been coming for at least a couple of years now =) ), I did some tests on some rather bad scenery shots,but that I felt could be used in some sort of Zorn like style , if retocuhed a little. ( Swedish very famous artist that painted rather "roomy" ladies ( often the young maids )).

Like this image below, of a lake at sunset, very underexposed, and just shot in jpg.

Dock kan man måla upp den lite genom att tex göra ett nytt lager, och ändra blandningsläge till Overlay och sen måla med vitt för att ljusa upp områden ( gärna med ritbräda för bättre kontroll, annars med pensel på låg opacitet och dra flera gånger ).

You can use PWL ( Paint With Light ) on images like these. By adding a empty layer set to Overlay, and painting with white, you can brighten areas or use color as I did on the trees to simulate sunset light. I also painted with some orange on the sky to get the mood there as well.

( A better comparison on before and after can be seen in my retouch viewer at ... )

Heres another scene with the same problem. Rather dull and colorless.

... and here I painted the trees as well, and added highlights to the moss, and darken other areas .

I will put some young "roomy" maids in there someday, and sometome ago I did a test with Sara Lund on the moss image, where she feeds a deer. I also added some sun rays.