Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nils Hinnas, artist ....

A couple of days ago I was tipped about this original artist, who just opened a small exhibition in our local art hall here were I live.

His artwork is a mix of painting and sculpture, they are not just painted, but carved out of the wood with .precision.

When Nils talks, his eyes are lit like by a fire, may it be about the fibers in the wood, lithographs or the area that immediately linked us together, the fascination over old Hollywood portraits and the photographers of that era. As the history was some kind of fuel.

Here are som painting/sculptures of some famous Swedish celebrities, first Hans Alfredsson, and below the great childrens book writer Astrid Lindgren.

Here is a detail shot of the craftmanship behind the "painting".

I had two great meetings with Nils. On the one today I documented some of his work, as he does not have that many images of them.

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