Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mixed images with Amina ...

Sometimes you get ideas during the shoot that get better than the ones you planned for a week. I had planned to use some 3d backgrounds, but had to let it go as I could not get the composites good enough. The one above with the swords is a 3d background that kind of worked though, but I had planned for four or five images with that setting.

Below is Amina in a desert kind of setting. I added the shadow of another Amina for balance and as it triggers the imagination a litlle. Who is it and why is she there. I think she is coming with some water or so. Or maybe its the reflector holder at the shoot =)

Its way into autumn here in Sweden. I arranged the leaves to fit the scene here. They were shot separately last year, and came in handy now.

Here she looks a little kike Kim Basinger =)

Plenty mor images of Amina to come ...

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