Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Website - Staar -

Five years ago I built the website for Staar Productions, run by Rolf Staar. It needed an update, with a new logo and graphics.

There is a popular Photoshop effect where the model disintegrate into thin air. I made a version where Rolf disintegrates into his own logo.In Flash I added some moving logos. You can check the site at

I wanted to incorporate a not so obvious shape of a star in the logo. I noticed the gap between the two A's and simply added some pointy cutouts in each A, to suggest a part of a star in the negative space.

I love the Styles in Photoshop, where you can add bevels and stuff. Im a sucker for shiny things =)

Below is a the normal "studio" portraot of Rolf. I like cloudy backgrounds.

Some strange stuff was made too, here is Rolf with his beautiful dog with a giant logo.

And here is portrait and the Dodge and Burn Layer Mask, used for softening the contrast in the skin.

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