Saturday, September 26, 2009

Coming Session with Amina ...

This Sunday I had a nice and very long shhot with the beautiful Amina. My sessions seem to get longer and longer, but its hard to stop when new concepts and ideas arise.I will have to make the sessions shorter though, as the time to retouch the images gets to long. I dont want to have sessions lying around unfinished, I need to complete them before I start something new, otherwise I will lose the exitement and probably wont remember the things I wanted to do with the images.
I have been at it for six days now =) and havent produced that much images from the session, but I have been working with each image for a longer period than usual. And that is good I think.
Hopefully I will be done with the session(s) by Monday or so, I hope.
Hoppas bli klar med allt tills på måndag, men det vete sjutton =) Skojigt är det i alla fall.

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