Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Amina and the pink stripes...

I found a nice top with stripes for amina, shoulderless ( why is it so hard to find nice tops from the 60s, dots and stuff ). I thought it could be cool to have Amina in a room , with the same type of colored stripes. I did the room in a 3d app, and added some lights ( stock from www.sxc.hu ).

Here are 4 iages in the same series. More sessions and images with Amina is coming.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Coming Session with Amina ...

This Sunday I had a nice and very long shhot with the beautiful Amina. My sessions seem to get longer and longer, but its hard to stop when new concepts and ideas arise.I will have to make the sessions shorter though, as the time to retouch the images gets to long. I dont want to have sessions lying around unfinished, I need to complete them before I start something new, otherwise I will lose the exitement and probably wont remember the things I wanted to do with the images.
I have been at it for six days now =) and havent produced that much images from the session, but I have been working with each image for a longer period than usual. And that is good I think.
Hopefully I will be done with the session(s) by Monday or so, I hope.
Hoppas bli klar med allt tills på måndag, men det vete sjutton =) Skojigt är det i alla fall.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Portrait of Ulla Winblad ...

Ulla Winblad is an artist, she paints, as well as an extra, in commercials for tv and stills. She wanted to update her portfolio with some headshots. It was a beautiful day so we simply stepped out 4 meters from my apartment, set up a bare Vivitar 285hv and Sigma 500 Super in a transparent umbrella.

Ulla is more than 30 years old =) and is very well suited for a grandmother type role on film. She has a good pair of eyes that can do some serious acrobatics whan asked.

I shot at 2.8 to get a rather blurry background, which I love ( someday I will get a 5d II and a 85mm 1.2 =) ).

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Website - Staar -

Five years ago I built the website for Staar Productions, run by Rolf Staar. It needed an update, with a new logo and graphics.

There is a popular Photoshop effect where the model disintegrate into thin air. I made a version where Rolf disintegrates into his own logo.In Flash I added some moving logos. You can check the site at www.staarproduction.se

I wanted to incorporate a not so obvious shape of a star in the logo. I noticed the gap between the two A's and simply added some pointy cutouts in each A, to suggest a part of a star in the negative space.

I love the Styles in Photoshop, where you can add bevels and stuff. Im a sucker for shiny things =)

Below is a the normal "studio" portraot of Rolf. I like cloudy backgrounds.

Some strange stuff was made too, here is Rolf with his beautiful dog with a giant logo.

And here is portrait and the Dodge and Burn Layer Mask, used for softening the contrast in the skin.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Part III - Rabbit with a Red Dress

Linda Marie brought some clothes that could have benn worn by Jessica ( "Im not bad, Im just drawn that way") Rabbit.
I did the backgrounds is Photoshop. Drapes are rather easy to do with the gradient tool set do difference, using a simple black to white gradient and using short horisontal strokes.

If you dont treat your models good, they might walk all over you.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Part II - Linda Marie Burlesque ...

Here are some imaginary posters and stuff . Linda Marie had a vast amount of clothes to choose from for this session. We decided on the big feathers on the head and a see-thru night gown.

Here is a closeup. I used dodge and burn for the skin "smoothing" and contouring. Karins makeup is pretty much intact, I only added som contrast to some of the eye shadow parts.

I noticed that the picture frames in the first image looked kind of cool just as a background, a little 60s touch.

Dancing in the lights. Went for a bright light smoky kind of look.

.. and Part III will be a human Jessica Rabbit. It looks a little like her anyways.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

New session with Linda Marie ... Part One - PinUp

Linda marie and I did a new session with pinup and burlesque and we also tried to do a sort of Jessica Rabbit, as Linda Marie had a nice red dress and red wig.

This time we had a MakeUp Artist, Karin Johansson to do three different looks for the shooting day. We made a lot of images and I will present some of them here , in parts.

Here is Karin, doing the finishing touches on Linda Marie for a miltary pinup look.

And here is Linda Marie with a military love message =) Ammunition of love.

We only did miltitary pinups. Heres Linda Marie with some unusual pasties.

Next part will be some burlesque and portraits ....