Sunday, August 9, 2009

A taste of Honey ..

I have shot Honey once before, in my home studio. This time we was going to do an outdoor session. Unfortunately we could not use the boat we were supposed to shoot at, so we went to a small public beach in Stockholm, Smedsuddsbadet. 

As usual when I go out with a camera, the sun immediately rushes behind a cloud,  this time was no exeption. At the end of the shoot we got a little sunset though, but its was so little I had to make it a little better in post production.

Here is a try with some of the natural light.

On our way from the beach we stopped at a small wooden house and shot some more natural light images. I use the Canon 50mm 1.8 for these. 

Honey is a little of an acrobat. here she effortlessly climbed this lamppost and made som tricks.

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