Saturday, August 15, 2009

Retouching a face challenge ...

Click to see larger version

At Model Mayhem there was a new challenge the other day to retouch a face, that looked like fun. Sometimes its nice to do a retouch on someone elses image. Heres some images showing before and after as well as the layers and a crop of the Dodge and Burn layer. 

The photographers name is Rafael Telles.

Click to see larger version

Dodge and Burn mask for the part under the right eye. To get a good looking aand smooth skin, a good but timeconsuming method is Dodge And Burn. Many ways to do it. A common version is to make a empty layer set to Overlay as blend mode and then paint with white and black to add or decrease contrast in the image. This is often done at pixel level ( if you have the time, or do make up ads =) ). Other versions are to use two Curves adjustment layers ( one dark, one light ) and paint in the layer masks to change contrast or the other way around.

Image below is the layer mask that shows what I did to even out the skin under the right eye. A face has many pores =) .

And here is a black and white version of the image. This is a little larger, click to view larger version.


  1. i've always been fond of your work on potn, great to see your blog. keep it up.