Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Old Pinup Style with Linda Marie

I have shot Linda Marie for my Hollywood  Portraitsproject ( ) and now she wanted to use some of her different sailor outfits, in somewhat painted old pinup style. I love the works of Harry Ekman , Gil Elvgren, Art Frahm and the others, so I was eager to at least do some tests.

For some backgrounds and props I chose to use a 3d application ( Strata 3d ). Im not good with modeling but can get away with simple shapes. So I built the anchor and the steering wheel among other things. Below the steering wheel in wireframe mode.

A fun thing with a 3d software is you can change the material as you like. Heres the steering wheel in metal for instance  =)

Heres another background from Strata.

Linda Marie performs in burlesque shows as Chesty von Ellem, so I made a little poster type image for her.

.. we also did some other style of images. So this will be continued ....

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