Monday, July 27, 2009

Various concepts with Angy ...

When Angy came to visit we tried a number of concepts, both strange and somewhat normal =)
In my mind I saw her in front of a gigantic poster, made of rolls with spaces, so I made some of those in a 3d software. The background is a church in Rome that I shot a few years ago.

I am the owner of a very cute and small Morris Mini Slave Flash. Its so small you can have it in your hand. So thats where the light is coming from in the image below, where Angy use a firefly to light her way in the cave ( a shot from a vacation in Crete ). Skull and other things are from ).

Same thing was used in the image with the drawn lightbulbs.

Had an idea of a shot from top in a desert so I tried that on this image.

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