Thursday, July 9, 2009

Smoking ....

I managed to stop smoking one and a half years ago, and hesitated to get a lighter or matches, as I was afraid I would wake up the old nicotine beast. So why would I want matches?

 Well on many sites I have seen nice images of smoke, almost vectorlike, in the beautiful lines the smoke can create.

So I went to a store called Indiska and bought some incense and a pack of matches. I set up my Sigma 500 Super to the left of camera and a black sheet on the back of a chair, as a background, and the incense in a glass on the chair.

Changing the color temperature ( white balance ) I made it a little blueish.
And later I experimented with som extra shallow dof and layer combinations in Photoshop.

This was a fun experience. What is nice with abstract lines like this, is that your brain decides what it looks like. Bleow to me loks like saome tulip leaves in green water, or just something that got stuck in Homer Simpsons nose, and backlit =)

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