Friday, June 26, 2009

Showgroup Poster - Case

Schlagerfeber ( sort of SongFever in English ) is a swedish show group. They needed two posters, one for the show group and one for a duo version, that sings old romantic classics and evergreens.

As the word fever is in the group name I figured that very large, high temperature, cd erupting thermometers would be nice as a backdrop =) I made the thermometers in a 3d application ( Strata 3d ).

I shot each member separately and then composited all into a poster.

For the evergreen duo I wanted to make a black and white image, to reflect the time suggested by their repertoire. I shot them togeteher, as usual with a bluescreen.

They also wanted a kind og fred and Ginger style image. So I used the golden room of the Stockholm Opera House as a backdrop.

Below is from the shoot with the bluescreen backdrop.

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