Monday, June 29, 2009


Last week I was having severe photo shoot abstinence =) I called Jenny who luckily had the same symptoms as I. Jenny who fortunately owns a car drove us into the woods with my small camera flashguns.

Im very exited about shooting on location and here I had the chance to exeperiment some more to learn.

Above image is 25 megapixels , thats good for a 10 mp 40d camera =). I stitched several images together.

Below, we found a nice fence. here we have a flash to right and left and sun from back.

It was very hot this day, and you would not normally wear a fur, but it looked nice .

jenny was raised in these areas and remembered a special place with water and nice things to use as surroundings. But things apparently had changed as we could not find astreaming water with a microscope. We took some images anyway and I added some faint light beems in post.

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