Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Photoshop Tip 2- The Spirograph

Photoshop Spirograph pattern with chrome layer style added.

In ancient history, during my teens that is, there was a fun device called the Spirograph, which enabled you do draw incredible advanced geometric forms. ( see WIKI SPIROGRAPH )

In Photoshop there is a trick to make all kinds of fun things, including Spirograph patterns ( we'll do 3D TYPE in a future tutorial ). And it is really simple. Its is just based around making a simple shape, selecting it, in Free Transform change rotation 3-8 degrees and hit the magic keys Command + Shift + Alt + T ( on Mac )( this command is also available under Edit>Transform>Again ), many many times. What it does is just repeating the change you did. Having it selected prevents Photoshop from making a new layer for each tranformation.

Heres an example. Here are two ovals in a separate layer ( you can use whatever shape, hand drawn, rectangular, experiment, use a letter, image

Enable Free Transform ( Command+T on Mac ) and rotate a few degrees ). You can also change position ( affects the middle of the result ).

Now when you have applied your tranforming we shall repeat it. To avoid making a new layer for each tranformation we make a selection ( Command + Click on layer thumbnail ).

Now for the magic, as described earlier. On Mac, Command + Shift + Alt + T ( on PC it would probably be CNTRL instead of Command ). Repeat until your happy.

After this you may add a layer Style. Try all styles and se what happens.

Result of above Transformation

Symbol and Layer Style

Symbol and Result

Result can be somewhat unusual also depending on layer style.

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