Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Photoshop Tip 1 - Dotted Images

I once saw a plugin that could convert a image into a couple of thousand one colored dots. I thought it looked quite cool. After discussing it with some of the guys at www.photoshoptechniques.com we came up with a simple procedure, that is very versatile. You are not conformed to dots, but could as well use other patterns as you'll see at the end of this small tut.

Here's an example. A lemure I shot at our zoo here in Stockholm, Skansen.

If we look at a closeup of this image, its evident that every "dot" is one-colored. ( this would not be the case if I had just made a pattern and used a suitable blending mode, becuse then some dots would have all the different colors the pixels on the layer below would have ).

So here is how its done. Loading a image. Im going to use this one of Angelica.

First we run it thru the Pixelate>Mosaic filter set to 6 pixels.Then it will look like this. We do this to make shure that when the dots later are applied they will fit into a mosaic square, making shure that each dot will be indeed, one colored.

Next we make a new document, 6x6 pixels. And paint with black on it like this .... I zoomed 3200% to make it easier to paint. It looks jaggy now but will seem to be a circle when viewed at original size.

Now Select All and make a pattern of the dot you just made. ( Edit>Define Pattern )

Go back to the original document ( angelica in my case ) and make a new layer and fill it with the pattern, and change the layer blending mode to something suitable like Multiply. And now we are done.

Now for the fun part. You are not restricted to dots. If you make a jaggy X for instance, you can make text like this and hang on your wall. Looks like stitching.

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