Thursday, June 18, 2009

Imaginary Hollywood Photographer - Joseph P Lutz

I have always been fascinated by the old Hollywood portrait photographers like George Hurrell and C S Bull and all the others. I love the look with very shallow depth of field. So I got this really strange idea to invent a photographer from around the 40s, make a fake bio and also do parts of his portfolio.

I first decided his name was going to be Joseph P Lutz, a german photographer that fled to the States when the WW II started. I also registered and started to make a website, using a old large format camera that I borrowed from a friend ( a beautiful piece of work ), as parts for the design. And also as props for the self portrait of mr Lutz ( image above ).

Click on image to go to the site.

Below is the first model I tried for the project, the very talented LouLou who has a good eye ...

LouLou ( Felicia )

... for details of the time period.

I mostly use bara strobes for these images, as there were no umbrellas or softboxes at this time period.

Below is a close up, to show the added scratches and other time related abuse of the image.

This is Linda Marie. We were going for a Marlene Dietrich type of look on this one.

And here is LouLou again., here in a more 30s look.

Susanna is a model I have done a lot of sessions with. She has the ability to change look just by moving her head an inch.

Link to the site LUTZ IMAGES

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  1. Great Post. I took a look at the mentioned site and absolutly loved every photo. Great work.