Wednesday, June 17, 2009

BluesUp - Jazz and blues in a mixture

Max Schultz

BluesUp is a swedish band, started by guitar player Max Schultz . Max called me from jazzclub Fasching one night, and told me they urgently needed some portraits of the members. So I went there with two shoot thru umbrellas and some Vivitar 285hv's. I "gelled" the flash in post. I used the cheap but very good and sharp Canon 50mm 1.8 for all portraits.

Its a really great band. One of my Hammond B3 favourites, is Pierre Swärd is a member. Check his site for some nice groovy hammond.

Pierre Swärd

Magnus Lindgren is a great arranger and composer as well as a brilliant solist. His website is HERE.

I used one flash back left and one front right on all portraits.

Magnus Lindgren

Henrik Jonsson

Martin Jonsson

Here, below, the whole band is gathered.

And here is som Pierre Swärd action. Thought they looked better in black and white.

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