Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Big Ben, London

A couple of weeks ago I was in London for a couple of days. My main objective was to shoot some background images, to use for future model sessions. However, there were a lot of nice distractions. I could not stop myself from returning to Big Ben time after time =)

The first image ( above ) is a somewhat usnusual angle for a Big Ben shot. I liked it better this way, in black and white. If it were not for the modern looking cars , the image could have been taken a long time ago.

Unusual is also the image below. Its a 360 view, from inside of a telephone booth, with a nice view of Big Ben. It is really strange to look at 360 degrees at once. The fullscreen QTVR panorma can be viewed by clicking the link.


And here is a night view of Big Ben. Only thing missing is the fog. And the silhuoette of Sherlock Holmes. Somewhat desturated and using a colder color temperature. I combined two exposures to get a better light from the lamppost lights.

And here is a even moodier one.

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