Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Shoot With Camilla ...

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Here are some images from another fun , on location, strobist style shoot, with Camilla. I have shot hermany times before, she is a part of my Giant Women project among other things.

This Sunday I was free and just wanted to shoot .... anything with a pulse. I called Camilla and she and her boyfriend were going to Skytteholm to shoot for fun, and there were another model to join too. They kindly offered me to go with them.

It is always fun to try the small camera flash'es on location. I have some problem at times with the autofocus, as I have a 8x nd filter + a polarisation filter on to get less light into the camer, so I can use a shallow depth of field. But some images came out ok.

I like the black faced Camilla a lot. The wide image bvelow is a panorama and consists of 5 images stitched together. Its about 25 megapixels. Enough to make a real wall paper =).

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This is also a panorama, of 6 images. I brought my hat as I wanted the model to look a little dutchess-like.

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Nice to use the real world as a backdrop. I really like when on location shots looks a little like studio, mixing different light sources. Many people dont like that and says that "there is only one sun", and things like that.

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Monday, June 29, 2009


Last week I was having severe photo shoot abstinence =) I called Jenny who luckily had the same symptoms as I. Jenny who fortunately owns a car drove us into the woods with my small camera flashguns.

Im very exited about shooting on location and here I had the chance to exeperiment some more to learn.

Above image is 25 megapixels , thats good for a 10 mp 40d camera =). I stitched several images together.

Below, we found a nice fence. here we have a flash to right and left and sun from back.

It was very hot this day, and you would not normally wear a fur, but it looked nice .

jenny was raised in these areas and remembered a special place with water and nice things to use as surroundings. But things apparently had changed as we could not find astreaming water with a microscope. We took some images anyway and I added some faint light beems in post.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

3 Ways to Display a Panorama

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Panoramas, 360x180 that is, is not limited to be viewed in a dedicated player, like QuickTime or the likes. They can be displayed in many other forms. I'll show three here.

On top, is actually my bathroom, displayed like in a strange painting from Dali =) To get this effect I used pTools, a set of plugins for Photoshop. ( pTOOLS & LensFIX )

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This is Sergels Torg in Stockholm, treated in the same way as my bathroom image. Its a little clearer to see what its done.

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This is the standard "unwrapped" look of a 360x180 panorama. I like this look a lot as you normally never see a 360 view at the same time, or 180 up and down. ( So where is the photographer then if we can see absolutely everything at the same time. The answer is tha several additionl photos are taken ( up and down shots ) that are used to cover the tripod legs as well as the photographers feet )

Click on image for larger version.

Heres a rather popular alternative these days, that ev en has special groups at Flickr, displaying these "planets". These are done by applying the Polar Coordinates filter in Photoshop. here is a tutorial on how ... PLANET TUTORIAL

Friday, June 26, 2009

Showgroup Poster - Case

Schlagerfeber ( sort of SongFever in English ) is a swedish show group. They needed two posters, one for the show group and one for a duo version, that sings old romantic classics and evergreens.

As the word fever is in the group name I figured that very large, high temperature, cd erupting thermometers would be nice as a backdrop =) I made the thermometers in a 3d application ( Strata 3d ).

I shot each member separately and then composited all into a poster.

For the evergreen duo I wanted to make a black and white image, to reflect the time suggested by their repertoire. I shot them togeteher, as usual with a bluescreen.

They also wanted a kind og fred and Ginger style image. So I used the golden room of the Stockholm Opera House as a backdrop.

Below is from the shoot with the bluescreen backdrop.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Photoshop Tip 2- The Spirograph

Photoshop Spirograph pattern with chrome layer style added.

In ancient history, during my teens that is, there was a fun device called the Spirograph, which enabled you do draw incredible advanced geometric forms. ( see WIKI SPIROGRAPH )

In Photoshop there is a trick to make all kinds of fun things, including Spirograph patterns ( we'll do 3D TYPE in a future tutorial ). And it is really simple. Its is just based around making a simple shape, selecting it, in Free Transform change rotation 3-8 degrees and hit the magic keys Command + Shift + Alt + T ( on Mac )( this command is also available under Edit>Transform>Again ), many many times. What it does is just repeating the change you did. Having it selected prevents Photoshop from making a new layer for each tranformation.

Heres an example. Here are two ovals in a separate layer ( you can use whatever shape, hand drawn, rectangular, experiment, use a letter, image

Enable Free Transform ( Command+T on Mac ) and rotate a few degrees ). You can also change position ( affects the middle of the result ).

Now when you have applied your tranforming we shall repeat it. To avoid making a new layer for each tranformation we make a selection ( Command + Click on layer thumbnail ).

Now for the magic, as described earlier. On Mac, Command + Shift + Alt + T ( on PC it would probably be CNTRL instead of Command ). Repeat until your happy.

After this you may add a layer Style. Try all styles and se what happens.

Result of above Transformation

Symbol and Layer Style

Symbol and Result

Result can be somewhat unusual also depending on layer style.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Andreas Oberg Guitar Universe

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Andreas Öberg is a fabulous guitar player and I have had the pleasure of doing some photo shoots with him. The latest for his education venture in los Angeles , The Andreas Oberg Guitar Universe, that is now open.

The backgrounds are made in Photoshop with different textures and gradients. Canon 50mm 1.8 was used. I like that lens a lot. Cheap AND good.

Click on image for larger version.

We were supposed to make some publicity photos for the different styles that Andreas was going to teach. I also designed the headlines for the site's different sections ....

Click on image for larger version.

Below are some earlier portraits of Andreas.

Swingin' Guitar =)

Click on image for larger version.

Click on image for larger version.

I had a small video when editing above image but can not find it at the moment. I'll get back to that.

Heres something fast to listen to =)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Some Portraits of my Father

Yesterday I was having dinner with my father at his little cottage. A small, old red one, surrounded by big, new and modern villas. A strange sight. He bought it in 1962, and it has been rather small and red all the time.

Anyways, I had brought my strobist gear to do some tests while I was there. I have mostly used my Sigma 10-20 with my small camera strobes. I wanted some shallow dof and more portraits this time.

Click on image for a larger version

This was the first inages I shot with my new catus V4 triggers. I used a Sigma 500 Super and a Vivitar 285hv, for these.

There was a lawn mover just lying around, so we used that as prop for the next shot here. All was so improvised I thought that any prop would be good. Looks more like a shovel though, and the mysterious atmosphere gets ones imagination going.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

One Man band - Multiple Personalities

Jamming away in my former synth corner. 

This is an old trick. But it can look somewhat cool anyways.

You need to have your camera on a tripod, manual exposure, and use the self timer. Then take images of yourself in different positions.

Load each image into a layer of the same document, and add a layermask to all layers. Now you will paint with black on the layermask, on the parts you dont want to show.

It can be a little tricky if you or objects you use overlap. Zoom in to get down and pixel dirty.

Here is another example, but with guitars instead of persons. Her you can see I got some trouble with shadows and guitar necks that overlap.

My good friend Max Schultz is "Tele-stepping".

To hear what the Jam sounded like, check .... TELECASTER   All is played on keyboard, the ASR 10 Sampler.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New In Photoshop CS5

I really look forward to the new things in CS5. The BETA looks promising. Even for ones social life =).

An Image Is Worth More Than A 1000 Words ...

... but what about an image OF a thousand words =) How much is that worth? This image contains exactly one thousand words and was built in Photoshop.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Imaginary Hollywood Photographer - Joseph P Lutz

I have always been fascinated by the old Hollywood portrait photographers like George Hurrell and C S Bull and all the others. I love the look with very shallow depth of field. So I got this really strange idea to invent a photographer from around the 40s, make a fake bio and also do parts of his portfolio.

I first decided his name was going to be Joseph P Lutz, a german photographer that fled to the States when the WW II started. I also registered www.lutzimages.com and started to make a website, using a old large format camera that I borrowed from a friend ( a beautiful piece of work ), as parts for the design. And also as props for the self portrait of mr Lutz ( image above ).

Click on image to go to the site.

Below is the first model I tried for the project, the very talented LouLou who has a good eye ...

LouLou ( Felicia )

... for details of the time period.

I mostly use bara strobes for these images, as there were no umbrellas or softboxes at this time period.

Below is a close up, to show the added scratches and other time related abuse of the image.

This is Linda Marie. We were going for a Marlene Dietrich type of look on this one.

And here is LouLou again., here in a more 30s look.

Susanna is a model I have done a lot of sessions with. She has the ability to change look just by moving her head an inch.

Link to the site LUTZ IMAGES

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

BluesUp - Jazz and blues in a mixture

Max Schultz

BluesUp is a swedish band, started by guitar player Max Schultz . Max called me from jazzclub Fasching one night, and told me they urgently needed some portraits of the members. So I went there with two shoot thru umbrellas and some Vivitar 285hv's. I "gelled" the flash in post. I used the cheap but very good and sharp Canon 50mm 1.8 for all portraits.

Its a really great band. One of my Hammond B3 favourites, is Pierre Swärd is a member. Check his site for some nice groovy hammond.

Pierre Swärd

Magnus Lindgren is a great arranger and composer as well as a brilliant solist. His website is HERE.

I used one flash back left and one front right on all portraits.

Magnus Lindgren

Henrik Jonsson

Martin Jonsson

Here, below, the whole band is gathered.

And here is som Pierre Swärd action. Thought they looked better in black and white.